The new Hilti Art Foundation exhibition building by Morger + Dettli Architekten creates an impressive compositional ensemble together with Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein. The cubic form and structural and material similarities of the polished concrete façade point to the common bonds between the two institutions, whereby the contrasting colour scheme in white and black attests to a spirit of self-assured independence and respectful coexistence.

The configuration and typology of the spaces achieves a conscious autonomy of access and exhibition. As visitors pass through the building, they gain varied impressions of light and space: the lower ground level with indirect lighting from the stairway, the first level with pure artificial light and the third level with zenithal daylight (supplemented by artificial light as needed).

Simultaneously connecting and separating, the monumental light-flooded stairway provides a striking pathway as well as an intensely sensory architectural experience. The large openings in the stairway’s façade afford views of the surroundings. By contrast, the exhibition spaces are closed off to the outside, offering an ideal venue for the presentation of art with their subtle geometries, minimalist materials and balanced proportions.

The Hilti Art Foundation is accessed via the foyer of the Kunstmuseum, which creates a convenient link for visitors between the exhibition spaces of the two institutions.

Hilti Art Foundation: Treppe
Saal Obergeschoss
Hilti Art Foundation Treppe
Hilti Art Foundation Sitzgelegenheit
Hilti Art Foundation
Hilti Art Foundation Ecke aussen
Hilti Art Foundation
Hilti Art Foundation


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